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Hydro Designs, Inc. (HDI) is a professional service organization that specializes in Cross-Connection Control (CCC) Program Management.  Since 1983, we have assisted both municipal (water purveyors) and industrial clients with the development, implementation and management of Cross Connection Control Programs.

Villages, Towns and Cities...We currently perform over 20,000 on site Cross Connection Control Surveys annually for our municipal client base. From Small towns and villages to large cities, our team can customize our services around your needs.  Hydro Designs, Inc. also tracks and monitors backflow prevention testing and compliance performance for over 250,000 backflow prevention assemblies and devices.

We'll help maximize the safety of your water distribution system while minimizing the expense of effective compliance.  Although the services we provide enable our clients to comply with state and local regulations, our primary mission is to help keep the drinking water safe from the hazards of backflow.

Cross Connection Control, Backflow Prevention Training
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